Walking in the footsteps of Vermeer in Delft

Meet the painter of the Girl with the Pearl Earring on 8 great Vermeer locations in Delft. You'll hear all these great stories about the life and works of the very talented and brillant painter of the Milkmaid. We begin and end this audiotour walk at the Markt in about an hour. But what's the hurry since we will be walking through this incredible Dutch city! Where there's so much to see and do along the way.

  • You walk this audio tour city walk on your own cell phone (don't forget your earphones). You can start anytime and pause whenever you like.
  • A great walk through Delft with your own private guide. On screen all 37 paintings by Vermeer pass by and you also get to know Delft as well! We'll be visiting hotspots like the Prinsenhof and Beestenmarkt. A really nice Vermeer walk and a lively experience.
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Debby breathes new life into the vanished world of Vermeer ... The audiotour creates atmosphere and is not a sequence of facts. - Marc Couwenbergh, journalist/Vermeer author

This is how the audio tour shows on your screen

Meet your guide

Hello visitors to Delft. My name is Debby Scholten. I am such a huge fan of Johannes Vermeer and his paintings! They are so beautiful, brilliant and mysterious. And radiate such tranquility and light. Until recently I was a cityguide in Delft. I studied Journalism and I am a (creative) writer. One day I came up with the idea to make an audio tour citywalk about Johannes Vermeer in Delft. And here we are!

I hope you'll enjoy the freedom this audio tour provides! To take a break whenever you like. To take photos, have coffee or lunch on nice locations, dwell on a bench for a while. And get into the habitat of this great painter and old Dutch city.

Have a good time in Delft!

In case you need my assistance please call 06-27651336
E-mail: [email protected]

Buy the audio tour for € 3,75   Go to the audio tour